Dubai International Jewellery Week

The Dubai International Jewellery Week Exhibition is a very unique event held in Middle East. This event enables buyers to view different jewels together with their sellers, producers, and manufacturers. The Dubai World Trade Centre is the organizer of the International Jewellery Week Exhibition. This event helps manufacturers and sellers to market their products with their sellers using their personal strategies during the said event. The Dubai World Trade Centre is an expert in holding events such as this event. Almost all international shows held in Dubai are organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre. The Dubai International Jewellery Week Exhibition is considered as one of the most luxurious events worldwide, and is participated by world class retailers, sellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and many more.

The Dubai International Jewellery Week Exhibition is an international event that features 3 different shows of jewels: (1) Jewellery Trade Dubai, (2) Areeq Dubai, and (3) Jewellery Collections Dubai. All these shows cater to the needs of tailors all around the globe.

The Dubai International Jewellery Week Exhibition is one of the highlights in Dubai. For jewelry lovers and collectors, it is one of their most favorite things to do in Dubai.

Together with the jewelry exhibition come great features such as design competitions, raffle draws, charity workshops, special workshops, fashion shows, seminars, and many more. The Dubai World Trade Centre makes sure that all participants of the jewelry exhibit do not only see wonderful jewels, but they get additional benefits from the show as well.

Dubai Rugby Sevens

Dubai Rugby Sevens is an exciting event held and looked after by many people in Dubai. The Dubai Rugby Sevens started during the early 1960’s, where many British people participated in the sport. It is now considered as one of the biggest and most popular sports today in Dubai. The Dubai Rugby Sevens features many players from all around the world, competing internationally to defend their countries. Watching the Dubai Rugby Sevens is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai.

Dubai is becoming very famous in the sports industry. Every year, they are hosting the biggest events in sports such as tennis, golf, racing, and of course the Dubai Rugby Sevens included.

Dubai Rugby Sevens is actually a sport game where 7 international countries participate to play rugby at the same time drink beer. Every year, the Dubai Rugby Sevens brings a lot of visitors to the bars and clubs in Dubai. These places are surely a hit during the celebration of the Dubai Rugby Sevens.

Emirates airlines is one of the major sponsors of Dubai Rugby Sevens. The celebration is featured with great entertainment such as cheerleaders, mascots, and bands. These are three of the most special attractions that are featured during the Dubai Rugby Sevens. The family stand is another special area at Emirates airlines where families get to enjoy watching the show comfortably. Together with the Emirates airlines, the government of Dubai greatly helps in promoting the Dubai Rugby Sevens and makes sure that the event is a success.

Dubai World Championship

Dubai World Championship is a special event that features golf. It was first held in the year 2009. Jumeirah Golf Estates first hosted the Dubai World Championship on November 19 to 22. Jumeirah Golf Estates is one of the most popular golf courses in Dubai so it was able to cater and deliver all the special needs and activities done during the Dubai World Championship. There are so many things to do in Dubai, and golf is one of the most favorite sports that people are playing in Dubai; which is why the World Championship was held here in 2009.

The Dubai World Championship featured many world class golf players aiming for the prize of 7.5 million US dollars. 60 players participated in the Dubai World Championship and competed against each other for four days. Many visitors and spectators came to witness the Dubai World Championship.

Dubai is now considered as one of the best places to host a golf tournament and a championship. With the presence of Jumeirah Golf Estates, another World Championship this will not be impossible.

The Dubai World Championship will be featuring up to 47 tournaments this year. A total of 6 new events will also be introduced for this year’s World Championship. Dubai World Championship will be featuring different courses including Jumeirah Golf Estates, over 60 professional players, different races, golf games and championships, and other entertaining activities for everybody.

The Dubai World Championship will be one of the biggest and greatest Dubai attractions and events that will be held in Dubai, not just last year and this year, but probably every year.