Al Mamzar Park

In a very short span of time, Dubai attractions have been composed of numerous parks as the city becomes an oasis of public parks that cater to people of all ages and different interests. One of this houses only the best form of relaxation and unwinding known as the Al Mamzar Park. Al Mamzar is a beach park located on an area 99 hectares wide. It can be found right on the shores of the Gulf where residential houses are built. Basically, it has fifteen air-conditioned units which can be rented for relaxation. It also has an amphitheater that becomes an avenue for prominent musicals. Distributed around the Al Mamzar are numerous children’s play areas which cover modern sledges, hanging games and climbing. In times of thirst and hunger, a snack house and an amusement are built for your convenience.

Like any other parks in Dubai, Al Mamzar has been established for people to enjoy a walk or a moment of communion with nature. Dubai attractions have been established for the city to be known to the world for its tourism and interesting natural riches. Al Mamzar Beach is just a few walks away from the park, so if visitors are waiting for the time to bathe in the Arabian waters again, they can eventually spend good moments strolling in the park. You can definitely see for yourself how residents within the area are blessed with God’s natural wonders.

The Al Mamzar beach Park in Dubai is no more than an ultimate destination in the city after long hours of enjoying shopping galore. Its huge area is spacious enough to accommodate a multitude of visitors who are bound to make Dubai attractions etched in their special memory chests.