Burj Khalifa

The Middle East has welcomed progress in its every sense as Dubai paved the way for more tourists to flourish the desert sands and enjoy every minute of their much-desired vacation and relaxation moments. Middle East has opened its doors to the world through Dubai’s man-made infrastructures that created the fusion of natural aesthetics enhanced with man’s creative hands. One Dubai attractions that has stood the test of times including global economic turmoil is none other than the Burj Khalifa considered as the world’s tallest building. This Dubai tower which was estimated to have incurred $8bn in construction and polishing is composed mainly of 12ha Burj Dubai Lake, 30,000 homes, six acres of parkland, nine hotels and 19 residential towers.

Admired intensively for its gargantuan features, the Burj Khalifa encompasses the equivalent of 50 international sized soccer pitches. In 2008, the said infrastructure was then considered the largest shopping space in the world that not any existing mall in the United States could even be at par. The Burj Khalifa Boulevard provides a pedestrian pavement that house restaurants, cafes and parks accentuated with shrubs and palms landscapes. Once you reach the famed Dubai Mall, you will surely be tamed by its glass-wall façade that cradles two main department stores, 150 food and drink outlets and a fashion island of 440,000ft².

Deserving to be included in the prestigious lines of Dubai attractions, the Burj Khalifa shopping mall is a home to two entertainment hubs. These are the 85,000ft² SEGA entertainment complex and the 80,000ft² ‘edu-tainment’ concept. It also includes an Olympic-sized ice rink, 22-screen Cineplex, and a five star hotel named The Grove. The Dubai Mall’s major centerpiece is a Waterworld that features fountain oasis, water terrace, an aquarium and a waterfront atrium. The aquarium is a three-storey glass tunnel that poses turtles, sharks, stingrays and more of Dubai marine life.