Dubai Snowdome

People might only think of Dubai as the land of sand dunes and heat of the Arabian sun. One might not opt to visit this land of sand and sun as the thought of heat might sound not so comfortable. But Dubai has opened its doors to the world by providing all kinds of entertainment and fun to compensate for the heat. From man-made infrastructures to natural wonders spiced by the Arabian Gulf, Dubai attractions now has come to welcome everyone with the Snowdome. This is a ski resort that stands 75 feet high and 720 feet wide. This has been built to become one of the highlights of Dubailand.

Also referred to as the Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome, the Snowdome is set to give a gigantic indoor snow experience to boost Dubai’s mega tourism project. Residential towers, shopping malls, hotels and coffee shops are incorporated within the dome to maximize fun, convenience and entertainment in one location. Once you have decided to enter the dome, you will definitely be fascinated by a climate controlled steel structure marked by two enormous columns made out of ice acting as the firm foundation and protection for all features like snow play area, training area, mountain run, rotating ski slope and toboggan run. It also has a pinguinarium, winter aquaria, ice-rink, snow castle and a five star de luxe hotel in an iceberg shape.

Dubai attractions have never been this cold and amusing as Snowdome opens the chance for visitors to experience climates in their extremes within Dubai City. The dome is surrounded by nine iceberg towers which are primarily residential in nature. The ambiance is set in a snow environment where winter themed structured crystal towers are found dominating the skyline. So, if you want to experience the snow within the Arabian sands, try to get your feet on the cold grounds of Snowdome.

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