Emirates Towers

Dominating the skyline of the United Arab Emirates is Dubai’s twin Emirates Tower successfully and intricately designed to establish the rising indication of business growth in Middle East. The Emirates Tower rises at 355 meters with no more than 56-storey home to offices and hotels. Among the green lush lawns and oasis of shopping malls emerged the one of today’s impeccable Dubai attractions referred to as one of the world’s tallest architectures. The Emirates Tower is surrounded by amenities that do not only entertain and give fun but also rejuvenates the tired spirit as it provides the sceneries of horse racing grounds and the Arabian Gulf on the sides.

Prominent and elegant, the building is said to house the prestigious office of Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Tourists and visitors will surely get fascinated as how the silver reflective glass and the aluminum panels blend magnificently with the changing spectrum of the desert sun. Thus, any spectator driving along the roadway that covers the tower would have this impression of changing colors and hues from the infrastructure. From its genius creators, the Emirates Tower is said to have been conceived with the great impact of Islamic culture. The triangular shape is said to represent the sun, the moon and the earth whereas the recurring circular elements are made to embody the timeless whole equally significant to Islam’s context of eternity.

Just south of The Creek and the City, the Emirates Tower lay along the busy business district on Sheikh Zayed Road. The entire building may not be available for public entry but the façade and outer elegance would be enough to behold and make sense out of your Middle East trail. More than pleasure and leisure, the Emirates Tower make Dubai attractions an embodiment of cultural and historical significance that constitute every work of art and beauty.