Marvel Theme Park

Your classic superheroes like Superman, Wonder woman and those that mainly comprise the much-admired Justice League are now coming to the Middle East in the city of Dubai. Yes, Marvel Theme Park showcases no more than what the imagination could reach. Silver Surfer, Spider Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and Hulk are now invading the desert sands as bits and pieces of the park are gradually gathered to hone the best theme park in the world. Dubai attractions have reached the wildest of all imaginations as these superheroes are set to welcome tourists in the Universal Islands Adventure.

This marvelous innovation initiated from the union of Marvel Entertainment Incorporated and the United Arab Emirate-Based Al Ahli Group. This development sprouted from the vision of the Ruler of Dubai and at the same time the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE in boosting hospitality and entertainment in the Middle East. The combined forces of the two companies and the brilliant vision of the land’s ruler magnificently establish the first and only theme park with a global perspective. Dubai attractions are not only made to satisfy the weary bodies of tourist but also to relieve childhood fantasies fit for the children and the whole family as well.

The Marvel Theme Park will soon be realized and tourism in Dubai will continuously flourish as adventurous arenas are developed each year. There is no doubt that children could really have fun besides the turquoise water of the Arabian Gulf and the sand dunes. There is nothing to worry about leisure and entertainment because your son’s favorite superheroes are set to welcome all of your with open arms and with the rarest of all imaginations. Rejuvenate your creativity through a precious moment spent in the Marvel Theme Park.

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