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Wild Wadi Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park is another great Dubai attraction. This theme park located in a rural area known as Jumeirah in Dubai. Covering an area of nearly 12 acres, it consists of 24 different and exciting rides and slides. Consisting of 8 master blasters and 2 flow rides, Wild Wadi Water Park is all about excitements and amusements.

Wadi worldly means oasis, which is basically the inspiration of this design. Consisting of characteristics from Arabian folklore, the park is a real Dubai attraction for tourists all around. The Wild Wadi Park has a complex but worth seeing river system which has some rides on it as a part of it. The hot and humid climate of Dubai and the rides in water are thought to be a perfect combination to enjoy you out.

Dubai wild Wadi Park is called the Arabic version of Disney. All rides that you expect in an amusement park are available here. You can enjoy White Water Wadi, Jabel Lookout, Wadi Leap or Wadi twister. Whatever you like, you will have a chance to ride it.

Positioned directly into the Arabian Sea and themed around the folklore, Juha, Wide Wadi is no doubt a perfect escape from the regular day-to-day hectic life. You might never have had a chance to swim with dolphins or fly over the north of the world. Well if you want these kinds of adventures and you want to experience the feeling of swimming with beautiful and man-friendly dolphins then you surely need to pack your backs for Dubai to enjoy Wild Wadi this time.

The largest wheel in this entire world or the Jurassic park ride, no matter what kind of ride you have in your imagination; you will find it in Wild Wadi. If it has so much to offer your kids, it has even more to offer you. It is suitable for families and friends as well and is worth spending time in.

The first and foremost noticeable feature of Wild Wadi Dubai is, it’s wet and it gives you great pleasure in hot weather of Dubai. This is not only this aspect but it is wild like it stands in its name. The third feature is also in its name and that is Wadi, so the park gives the feeling and is themed on Arabic cultural theme.

This was all the amusement that the park had to offer. Other than this, it has got a lot more than that. You can not only view the world’s only seven star hotel from the park but you can have the chance of taking its pictures from the top of the rides from beautiful angles that you can make. It offers you to use money from virtual account by a micro-chip that is fit in the wrist band given to you. No need to take food or drink with you because seasonal fresh fruit drinks are one of the biggest attractions of the park and worth tasting. No need to worry about any inconvenience since the park has lifeguards alert all the time to help you out in any situation. Just relax, feel free and enjoy! That’s what Wild Wadi Water Park is all about.

Dubai Festival City

Numerous hotels, entertainment sites, golf courses, public services and residential communities are all imbedded in a “city-within-a-city” called the Dubai City Festival. From 2007, this place in the Middle East is expected to have a total of 2.9million square feet upon its completion. In the façade, tourists and residents can enjoy the picturesque waterfront. Within the “city”, one can enjoy lavishing in the showcase of 600 shops, 100 restaurants, bistros, cafes, 25 international flagship stores and 12 screen Grand Festival Cinemas. If you wonder about where to park your vehicles while getting yourselves entertained in one of the Dubai attractions, the answer is right there in the center’s parking lot that could accommodate 13,000 cars.

In 2008, this Dubai retail center was the recipient of the “International Shopping Center of the Year” award from the Global Retail and International awards. Literally, it takes pride of an outstanding mixture of regional and international retailers who are directly connected with the finest names in hospitality all around the world. This shopping center is further linked to Festival Marina and the Dubai Creek while bridging the InterContinental Dubai festival City and Crowne Plaza Dubai with the Event enter in the North while on the south is the Al BAdia Golf Club.

Dubai Festival City is an avenue where visitors can enjoy not only a shopping center at its best but also of quality services and amenities. Proving its worth as one of impeccable Dubai attractions, Dubai Festival City encompasses services like valet parking, bellman assistance and organizing reservations and tours. This portion of the Middle East is indeed the answer to visitor’s distinct taste for cosmopolitan shopping. Dubai indeed is not stopping with providing people all over the globe a chance to have a feel of what it takes to be globally renowned infusing not only amazing infrastructures but also tourism in all its aspects.