Top Historic Sites

Grand Mosque Dubai

The Grand Mosque in Dubai, which can accommodate about 1200 persons, is said to be one of the largest mosques in the United Arab Emirates. It was originally built in 1900 as a ‘Quranic’ school for children, but was rebuilt in 1998. Restoration of many monuments is undertaken, but this is a beautiful example of restoration work. The mosque, which is well known for its size and elaborate design, has a 70 meter high minaret which is the tallest minaret in Dubai. This mosque which is also known as Al-Jumeirah Mosque is the most photographed building in Dubai.

The Grand Mosque is situated near the Ruler’s Court in Bur Dubai. This mosque, which is an important monument of Dubai, consists of 45 small domes in addition to 9 large ones. The sand colored walls and wooden shutters of the mosque perfectly match with the surroundings. The mosque is constructed in the Persian style with blue mosaic type work, domes, and sand-hued facades. It also has extremely beautiful sand colored facades, domes, wooden structures, and handmade glass. The right time to see the mosque is at night when it is brightly illuminated and presents a stunning sight.

The Grand Mosque is considered as one of the most important places worthy of seeing, one of the most popular Dubai attractions. It is a distinguished landmark which is majestic to look at, and one that offers breathtaking views. Though non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque, they are granted special permission to take pictures of the minaret and the architecture from the premises of the mosque.

Heritage House

The Heritage House which was originally the home of a wealthy Iranian merchant was built in 1890. In 1910, it became the home of Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk, a famous pearl merchant of Dubai. The Heritage House which is located on the Deira side of Dubai Creek contains two floors that overlook an authentic Arabian courtyard. All the rooms are traditionally furnished, and you will see placards that explain the original purpose of the items in each room. This is one of a worth visit Dubai attractions.

The Heritage House is a traditional family home that has 10 rooms and a large courtyard. It is one of the best renovated old traditional buildings in Dubai. The first room of the house is the meeting or the majlis room where guests are traditionally welcomed. There is a majlis for women which is located in a separate area off the courtyard. Next, you can see a room called Al-Machzan where the whole family used to met and talk during meals. The Al-Hijla was the bride’s room and where married couples could enjoy some privacy.

The courtyard is a place that is commonly found in all the Gulf homes and it is through the courtyard that light and air passes to the rooms surrounding it. The staff seat you in the inner courtyard and serve you a traditional meal and tea so that you may have an idea of the lifestyle of the royal family over a hundred years ago.

In 1994 the Dubai Government undertook massive renovation and has converted the house into a museum which throws light on the everyday life of a typical emirate family about a 100 years ago.